Wololo’s Top Fonts for 2023

Have you ever wondered what typography is and why designers emphasize its importance?

Typography is the art of arranging text in an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-read way that effectively communicates a message. This includes everything from selecting the right font, spacing, size, and color to arranging the text in a visually appealing hierarchy.

Typography plays a crucial role in branding because it is ubiquitous – it is present in almost everything that involves text, including websites, logos, social media, packaging, and more. Therefore, typography constitutes a significant part of a brand’s visual identity, and it’s crucial to make sure that it is well-designed and carefully considered. From posters to emails and apps, any text-based communication or visual representation of a brand is typographic, making typography an essential element that should not be overlooked in branding.

Just like color, typography is a powerful tool for representing a brand’s values and tone. Each typeface classification carries unique connotations that contribute to the brand’s overall representation.

Here are Wololo’s top font picks for 2023:


This font seamlessly blends the mid-century grotesks style with geometric shapes. This versatile font boasts counters that transform into rectangular shapes as the weight increases, enhancing readability on small screens while increasing the impact on larger displays. With a bold and confident presence and a touch of brutalism, Telegraf defines itself as a modern grotesk font ideal for a range of projects, from large-scale corporate branding to indie graphic design.


Neue Machina is a thoughtfully crafted typeface that features monospace and geometric characteristics, along with clearly defined ink traps in its bolder weights. Drawing inspiration from robotics and machinery, this font is a perfect fit for the technological future. It is highly versatile and can blend easily into your designs in its lighter weights or add a touch of personality in its heavier weights.


ManVsBombay is a versatile serif typeface consisting of 10 styles, with 5 different weights included. The designer drew inspiration for this typeface from the rich history of colonial Bombay, a city steeped in culture and tradition. Personal experiences and surroundings of the designer, who is a native of Bombay, were incorporated, including the stunning architecture of landmarks such as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, the Municipality building, and the Asiatic Library. The varied cuisines of Parsi and Marathi and the names of streets also provided ample inspiration for the project. The resulting typeface captures the essence of Bombay, making it a unique and compelling option for a variety of design projects.


Meet Vigran Maroll, a modern and elegant font designed to meet the needs of today’s market. This unique font is perfect for branding and logo design, providing a classy and aesthetic look to any project. With its unique ligature, Vigran Maroll is suitable for a variety of applications, including posters, packaging, T-shirts, coffee shops, restaurants, magazine headers, signs, gift cards, cafes, weddings, and any other advertising purpose. Its shape and style make it stand out among other fonts in the market, making it a great choice for any designer or brand looking to make an impact.


Cooper Black is a typeface that originated from Cooper Oldstyle, an innovative typeface created in 1919 with rounded serifs and long ascenders. It was designed by Oswald Bruce Cooper, co-owner of the Bertsch & Cooper design firm in Chicago. The heavy version, Cooper Black, was first released by the Barnhart Brothers & Spindler foundry of Chicago in 1922. According to Cooper, the Black was ideal for “far-sighted printers with near-sighted customers.” The success of Cooper Black in advertising typography influenced other designers such as Fred Goudy to create their own black faces (such as Goudy Heavyface).